Co-curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Ground Activities

  • We conduct Mass P.T. for Pre-primary section on every Monday and for Primary and Secondary section on every Wednesday

Dramatization and puppet show

  • Our Pre-primary teachers explain various concepts though dramatization and puppet show. Children enjoy such activities thoroughly and understand the concept perfectly.

Bhel and Sandwich making Activity

  • Children from Primary section enjoy making Bhel with the help of teachers. School provides certain ingredients and remaining ingredients are brought by children as per the instructions.
  • Children from Secondary section have an activity of sandwich making. Children bring in required ingredient and make tasty sandwiches. They present their sandwiches with lots of new ideas.

M.M. Katta

  • School arranges a special visit of eminent personalities from various fields and gives an opportunity to our children to interview them through M.M. Katta. IX standard students design a questionnaire with the help of teachers. Students conduct the interview. This helps our students in developing communication skills and develops inspiration from the guest within themselves.
  • Interact Club

    Satellite Launching