Our Founders

Mr. Shivrampant V. Damle

Late Capt. Shri Shivrampant Damle, fondly known as Shiva Kaka, born on 14th April 1900 in Kiwale, Maval in Pune District. He completed his education from Nutan Marathi Vidyalay (N.M.V), Pune. He has completed his graduation in Arts from Sir Parshurambhau College (S.P. College), Pune. He was born with the inborn quality of sportsmanship and practiced physical training and wrestling regularly giving utmost importance to physical education. He joined armed forces in the year 1942.

His vision was to import value based education with the purpose to contribute to the society through excellence in the core. To aim at grooming the students who would carry forward the spirit of scientific thinking and serve as valuable citizens of India.

Mr. Ramesh S. Damle

Late Shri Ramesh S. Damle was born on 23rd November 1935. After pursuing degree in Arts, he whole heartedly and with dedication worked for the betterment of Maharashtriya Mandal. His strong wish to work for people led to the vast contribution in bringing up the society. Within a short span of time, he devoted a lot in physical education and sports. Being an excellent orator, his transparent nature added to his personality.

Being a sport devotee and wrestling lover, he efficiently worked and attached to the various associations. “Physical Fitness is essential to lead a healthy life” was his life mantra.

He bagged tremendous awards as recognition to his social contributions such as “Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Puraskar”. His endless efforts helped Maharashtriya Mandal to bloom into a giant tree. ‘Saptrang’ (7 branches of Maharashtriya Mandal) is the result of his dedication. He endowed his service to the rising graph of Maharashtriya Mandal.

Mr. Dhananjay R. Damle

Shri Dhananjay R. Damle was born in the year 1966. After pursuing degree in Commerce from Pune University, he joined Maharashtriya Mandal to take it on the next level of success. He carried forward the legacy of Shri. S.V. Damle and Shri. R.S. Damle with the same zeal.

Being the part of a family having great importance for physical education, he, too, strives to create awareness of the importance of sport and physical education. This helps Maharashtriya Mandal to acquire the desired . He has started Late.Ramesh Damle College of Commerce at Mukund Nagar Campus successfully and is still taking immense efforts to expand it. He organizes various competitions like National Level Mallakhamb Competition , National and International Level Badminton Competition, National Level Swimming Competition, Interschool Athlete Meet for Primary Children, Wrestling Fight etc. He has been always at the top of the ladder to encourage children to participate in sports.

Shri. Dhananjay R. Damle has always encouraged all the institutes under Maharashtriya Mandal to take up new projects for the benefits of students and endeavors to maintain a positive, stress free atmosphere to students as well as teachers and coaches.

He conducted ample talks and seminars to apprehend the concernment of physical activity. He penned down two books to offer his humble contribution towards sports filed. He has been honoured with “Pakke Punekar Award” by Punya Bhushan Foundation.

Due to all his efforts, all the educational institutes and sports academies are flourishing like a green bay tree.